We help businesses redefine their digital goals and empower them to strive for success. Our solutions are tailored for small, mid-size businesses and non-profits. We also provide features for users with disabilities.



150 Elgin Street, 10th floor, Ottawa, On, K2P 1L4, Canada


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ACES Acanademy of SCience and Robotic
ACES Acanademy of SCience and Robotic
Youn Sanfo, Founder
"I have called upon MDCOSS several times to collaborate in order to provide impeccable service to my clients Each time, the services of MDCOSS have exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, professionalism and above all the deadlines are respected."
Aloys Sirabahenda, Program Manager
"MDCOSS is professional and has good value. We have been working since september 2020 and we are satisfied with the services provided to us an canadian non profit organisation RPNFE-AFBTP."
GK Consulting
GK Consulting
Guillaume K, Consultant
"My experience as a customer has been satisfactory. I particularly liked the respect of the deadlines. Moreover, the finished product, i.e. my website is very beautiful and easy to navigate. Potential customers have already told me how happy they were when they visited my site. I can only say a big THANK YOU to the company! "
Hervé S., Founder
"I recommend MDCOSS because I was satisfied by the website they made for me, and for an orginization where i'm part of the board. Their work is nice and neat..Got some work done and it was well done."
Toi et Moi Love Shop
Toi et Moi Love Shop
Ismaël, le responsable du projet, a pris le temps, en premier, d'apprendre à nous connaitre comme individu derrière la bannière. Nous pensons que c'est l'un des plus précieux atouts de cette compagnie. Il nous a accompagnés, soutenu moralement et nous a livré une expérience unique.
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Customized solutions to redefine your digital goals

Our key expertise is to create a secure, reliable, custom solution, with an attractive and innovative UI/UX design, while using the latest and most advanced technologies for the backend. Because every business is unique and has its own identity, every solution should also be unique and tailored to your needs. We provide solutions that are customized just for you based on your budget, your product, or service, and your culture.  

Web-Based Solution/Small Business

Small businesses can take advantage of our Web-based solutions using fast and secure technology

Big Data/R&D

Projects involving the three Vs. Big data can be overwhelming, and we are here to help

Platform Implementation/N-P/SE

Implementation of platforms for non-profit organizations and social enterprises


With resources such as Shopify, we have built several online stores that are easy to manage and use

Software Solution/Government

provide a secure and reliable software solution that complies with federal requirements

Machine Learning and AI

Artificial intelligence is a must in today's world to improve performance in almost all sectors and industries

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// our solutions

our solutions are inclusive for users with disabilities

SaaS Application

We use fast and secure technology to create efficient SaaS Application plus support for our clients

Web Development

Our engineers skills, allow our clients to experience a final product with very clean codes package.

Custom Software

Personalized software tailored to your industry, your business size, and to your needs as a team.

Web Application

Working with the latest generation of technology to help our clients with some of the best integrations

Mobile Application

We provide native IOS/Android and hybrid mobile applications to help you reach your goals


Our process uses the top two cloud based e-commerce computing, with the highest security features

How we work

Our Process

Project Planning
UI/UX Design
QA & Testing
Countries Worldwide

We offer solutions to companies abroad and for 4 years we have worked with 5 companies in the USA and West Africa. This new perspective helped us extend our expertise crossborder.

Happy Customers

We have successfully created solutions for more than hundred clients including small businesses, professionnals, non-profit and government institution.

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Our Projects

 Businesses in Canada, the United States, and 4 cross-border companies have benefited from our solutions. The back end coding package that we provide goes beyond secure and efficient coding. Our team also creates a well-rounded User Experience that matches our clients’ needs and visions.  


We bridge the gap between
secure back end and outstanding design